The Morelato collections express the tradition of an entire family dedicated, for several generation already, to the production of high quality bespoke wooden furniture according to the features, handed down by its founder Aldo Morelato. The Morelato furniture is a collection of pieces made "ad hoc", that is to say, with love and artisan expertise.
Morelato is a brand that stands for research, testing and a production that started with classic furniture but in cooperation with qualified designers evolved towards contemporary object design and tailor made furniture based on customer requirements and necessities. Morelato is synonymous of constant attention to the needs and rituals of the space in which we live.
The "Morelato collection" embodies passion, attention and fine tailoring of customer requests and is a guarantee for a piece of tailor made furniture of everlasting beauty.
These pages includes all the features of the Morelato furniture so that you can select the furniture, which suits your needs in terms of taste and space.


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