Gran Chaco

A project of the Museo Verde for COP26 - 2021

Project: prof. Franco Poli, designer
Realization: Morelato srl - Salizzole (VR)
Material: italian Ash wood and Urunday wood by Chaco

Giorgio Morelato and Franco Poli  

Development without deforestation

This sentence summarizes the theses brought to the attention of the International Conference for Climate Change of 2021 by the Museo Verde with the "Pact for the Gran Chaco".
A rational use of the binomial indigenous cultures / natural resources can generate incomes, greater than those generated by activities with a very high environmental impact. This chair is a demonstration of this thesis. In the Gran Chaco there are at least 17 types of precious woods that are normally used to produce coal, tannin or railway sleepers and which can instead be used to create objects of high design and great value.

Giorgio Morelato and Luca Rugiu, vice president of Museo Verde

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