The Morelato family


"We were raised with the idea that if you want to create something you have to be able to manufacture it”.


Definitely, this logic has always characterized the way the Morelato Family operates. 

The values, which characterize the custom-made Morelato furniture production, respected by all the members of the family, engaged in the management of the company, are clearly legible in the products made by Morelato: quality, reliability, commitment and enthusiasm.

All these values were handed on by Aldo Morelato, values which in short mean care and attention during the production, with the wish to characterize and customize all the items in the catalog and also in all the furniture made to measure on customer request.

"Today we are the third generation involved in the expansion and promotion of the Morelato Company in the world”

This phrase expresses the pride and the desire to develop activities based on a process that starts from within and spreads outwards through the various contributions, which the individual members of the family in different ways make: from the production to the communication from the design to the commercialization.


Morelato: history and cultural context


The history of Morelato is a story linked to a territory that has long reached its own identity through the many companies and many artisans engaged in the production of furniture for home furnishings.

A piece of furniture, purchased by customers, who wish to furnish their homes or other buildings, is often linked to the classic tradition that Morelato has developed over the years articulated in different styles (Biedermeier, Direttorio, '900) up to the development of design and the production of modular systems and complements of contemporary character.

This process has always been characterized by two main parameters: the artisan tradition of the family and the local roots both always present in the Morelato furniture production.

The artisan tradition could only be linked to a family business as in the best Italian tradition: the Morelato family has preserved habits, rituals and relationships with the local resources.

These features have characterized the company over time to the point that we can speak of a production with a strong local identity.

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Wood making out of love and by choice


Furniture and furnishings of bygone days: the ability of Morelato to propose collections of furniture related to a particular historical period has its foundations in the willingness of the company to do continuous research and experimentation. This is the focal point of the Morelato as an important exponent of Italian cabinet makingProvencal style furniture, classic, antique: the design and production of the Morelato style furniture has no boundaries.

Morelato reaches these results thanks to its technical department, the MAAM Research Center, which has effected research on the construction techniques of antique furniture that has facilitated the re-interpretation of classical furniture models, making them functional to present furnishing requirements for both home and collective spaces. 

Analysis and research are also very important in the field of tailor made furniture and for the production of sophisticated style furniture.

Morelato is one of the leading companies in the field of Italian cabinet making. Its production process has allowed the company, in the last thirty years, to revive the styles of the past but also to investigate the rather unknown '900 period, (with models that have made our home furniture between the twenties and forties of the twentieth century ) and to develop contemporary design furniture.

Morelato is involved in a process of constant experimentation of contemporary models. The focus on the continuous experiments in combination of a component of courage and the wish to explore new territories represent the character of the company. The constant quality control together with the availability (flexibility) in the production process put the company in a leading position in the market and in the world of Italian cabinet making


Style furniture: manufacturing techniques


For Morelato quality is a real value, based on some simple and essential coordinates: qualified design; the choice of valuable materials; the use of the best traditional skills and the infinite care of every detail of the production process. These are the main ingredients to create stylish furniture, which expresses the finest tradition of Italian cabinet making.

Before becoming an object of daily use, the Morelato furniture stems from a long and careful design stage executed by the Company’s Technical and Research Center, in charge of the study of traditional styles and the conception of the fundamental lines of classic- contemporary furniture in cooperation with wood experts, who verify immediately the practical realization of any project. 

For its furniture, Morelato chooses only high quality solid wood, without any aesthetical or structural imperfections, coming from sustainable plantations with the aim not to affect the already dramatic environmental impoverishment of the planet.

The internal structure of veneered plywood guarantees the stability of the wood over time, avoiding the natural deformation, a typical feature of solid wood. In order to keep the structures light, Morelato uses sandwich panels, with a honeycomb core, which significantly reduces weight.

The wood drying process ensures the perfect stabilization of the internal structure, taking due account of the change in humidity, which depends on different annual climatic factors.

The assembly of the Morelato furniture is still based on craft techniques – joint made with milling cutters, glue fixing with clamps and clamping machines - in order to ensure, through the experience of tradition, the maximum solidity of each single element, and thus of each piece of furniture (as a whole in whatever style it is). 

Morelato prefers to use challenging and expensive processing techniques to common industrial methods, as they represent a hallmark of high quality Italian cabinet making and are a guarantee of endurance of the furniture.

For the finish of its style furniture, Morelato uses only the best products on the market. The furniture is polished with natural dyes, soluble in water. The finish highlights the wood grain and makes the wood more resistant, giving it elasticity and impermeability, while the wax, which completes the polishing cycle, gives the furniture its typical warm glow. 

Morelato uses, high quality materials  for the upholstery accompanied by safety data sheets and test specifications. The hardware used in the construction of the furniture is selected for its wear resistance and its accuracy in the details.

After a long and careful production process, a brand mark is placed on each piece of Morelato furniture as a visible testimony of the Warranty certificate, attesting the effected controls and the conformity to a strict Company Quality system.


Windows on the world: the quality of Morelato furniture beyond borders


As evidence of the growing popularity of the Morelato brand, which stands for quality and style, the company, has a dense distribution network, its furniture, developed and improved over the years, has crossed the national borders and has become an important brand even in the most important international markets.

Besides the direct presentation of its furniture production, Morelato has for years implemented an advertising campaign to promote the principles of elegance and sophistication that characterize the production of its style furniture.

Morelato production

From classic to contemporary design


In the furniture sector Morelato with its large collection and proposals of classic and style furniture, is considered as regards to design, production and sales, a culturally acknowledged brand. 

For too many years, however the company kept apart from the world of design, but Morelato in the furniture sector, with the recovery of the values of the culture of craft and skills, has focused on the vast experience gained over three Morelato generations.

In the production of classic furniture, this knowledge has acquired an important place also in the production of contemporary furniture by Morelato. 

In this way the Morelato production of classic and contemporary furniture, over the last twenty years has expressed continuity widely theorized already in the nineties and exemplified through three design models:

- Reissues: classical models which belong to history, faithfully reproduced from the originals;

Quotes: pieces which refer to original models, filtered by interpretations, modified in relation to new cultural demands, production and operational developments;

Contemporary proposals: new models, produced with the help of leading designers, but with an eye for the great craft tradition of making bespoke furniture which Morelato interprets with expertise.

Morelato Home Furnishing

Tailoring care of each detail

To furnish home spaces of different people is one of the aims of the Morelato furniture company. 
This idea comes from the diversity in domestic housing, and the rituals, which over time have developed in our homes.
To decorate a modern home and to find ideas for the right furniture or simply find new proposals for your home furnishing: Morelato furniture can be useful in these and other purposes.
Its large catalog of items available for home furnishing as well as other typologies: a variety of formal and typological experiences with the possibility to use only a single piece of furniture as well as to use complete furnishing systems. 
With Morelato you can also get real tailor-made furniture designed on purpose for your own home space.
Customers have access to the vast Morelato catalog with a selection of models able to satisfy all the necessities, which arise when you decide to furnish your home. The collections allow you to create compositions full of values, also combining furniture from different eras and in different styles. These combinations however are never too daring as they have in common the quality of the design, the artisanship of the wood, the natural top quality materials.
Morelato has a deep and respectful knowledge of wood, the raw material selected for all its accomplishments; Morelato knows that wood is a living material, which changes with time.
Consequently, the activities of Morelato are not limited to the sale and delivery of a product or of a furnishing system to the customer’s house.
Morelato is always close to its customers who are looking for the best solution to furnish their homes  house even after the purchase of the furniture as long as it lasts, which means that, in addition to meeting the different necessities with tailor made solutions, the company is always present - even after years from the purchase – also in case  of repair or "restoration" of a piece of high quality furniture.
The restoration of a piece means a new polishing, the cleaning or restoration of small defects caused over time due to the natural home activities.
Sartorial attention: The Morelato Company acts like a tailor who creates a couture dress, which the customer, who wants to decorate his house, tries in his home, as during a fitting session, until the piece is perfect and suitable. The company is always available for small repairs or subsequent amendments.

Tailor-made Furniture

Furnishing your home with Morelato tailor-made furniture

The furniture section of bespoke furniture is very important today in a world in which individual and social group are conditioned by the evolution of an increasingly globalized society, in which mobility linked to tourism and business is increasing.
Therefore, in recent years, considerable attention has been given to the definition of the hospitality sector - from hotels to restaurants - as well as to public spaces such as offices and shops.
In these places, but also in the home space, tailor-made furniture might find a precise location as well as a natural habitat because without a bespoke furniture, designed on purpose it would be difficult to define these spaces.
The common features for the furnishing of these different spaces include the choice of a project design capable of imparting a cultural identity a characteristic also of the “Italian design culture”.
This identity is well expressed by the pieces of the collections Morelato has been producing for years: furniture with a well-defined identity, related both to the "tradition of style furniture" as well as to design furniture- created in cooperation with top designers - exalting in the production processes the excellence of craftsmanship that distinguishes the Italian cabinet making in the world.
This is the thought behind the many furnishing projects Morelato has executed in different cities of the world: hotels, libraries, shops, restaurants.
Different spaces, which all have a common denominator: the expression of the company's tradition in the design and production of the project.
The Morelato tailor-made furniture is also available for people who are looking for a project solution to furnish their homes.

Certified company. Quality management system UNI EN ISO 9001

The Management of MORELATO s.r.l. undertakes to adapt the Quality Management System to the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, defining the quality policy and objectives.

The MORELATO s.r.l. aims:

to ensure production processes and services tailored to their abilities and resources with constant attention to mandatory regulations, customer requirements and changes imposed by the continuous evolution of the market.

to continuously improve their organization and to implement and satisfy the implicit and explicit expectations and needs of their internal and external customers.
The objective of this policy, which is disseminated and understood at all company levels, involves the activation and maintenance of specific internal rules and procedures for the implementation of all the activities that contribute to guaranteeing the quality of the products. , services and your organization.

In planning the quality management system, the management:

considers the context in which the company operates, the external and internal factors relevant for its purposes.
determines the relevant stakeholders and their requirements.
determines the risks and opportunities that need to be addressed and the actions to address these risks and opportunities.
assigns roles, responsibilities and authorities within the organization and ensures that they are communicated and understood.
appoints the Quality Assurance Manager (AQ) in the person of Mr. Giorgio Morelato with the task of ensuring the correct application of the Quality Management System Policy and procedures,
verifies the achievement of objectives and the improvement of the performance of company processes for greater customer satisfaction.

Each employee and collaborator is involved in the implementation of the quality management system in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard. Everyone, even external customers, are invited to suggest any possible improvement!

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The Morelato research project

The MAAM research center and external consultancy


Morelato is a leading company, which shows its position in the international market through important design projects, which enhance its production (custom-made furniture and other creations to decorate the house).

The design activities of the Company are effected by the technical department of the company the MAAM Research Center, which operates under the guidance of Giorgio Morelato in cooperation with different designers and technicians specialized in the creation of furniture elements for the home space.

Thanks to the MAAM Research Center Morelato has been able to interpret the concept of "re-editions", recovering models from the past and re-launching them on the market, they represent a contemporary interpretation of style furniture of the past.

This process of project design is well represented by the many pieces introduced at Abitare il Tempo Fair, many pieces, which evoke with sensitivity (by means of quotes) pieces of designers which have already made the history of furniture design. 

Besides these activities, the MAAM Research Center is also the organism, which starts up the design and the production of experimental and contemporary pieces. In this way, the MAAM is responsible for the production of the prototypes of the winning projects of the international Competition "Significant Furniture". The MAAM is also responsible for the production of the challenging objects designed by famous designer for the MAAM Museum (The Museum for Applied Art in the Furniture sector founded by the Aldo Morelato Foundation),and for the design collections developed by famous designers of international fame.

The Aldo Morelato Foundation

The “Aldo Morelato” Foundation and the culture of enterprise


The Aldo Morelato  Fondation was  constituted as a tribute to the founder of the Company whose philosophy formed the basic inspiration. 

The passion and competence, with which Aldo Morelato made his furniture gave rise to a feeling of pride and the awareness of a heritage to preserve as well as a subject to study, an ideal to promote, a vehicle for the promotion of a model, of a history and of the identity of a company that intends to cultivate its deep ties with the territory, placing the cultural heritage at the center of a sturdy company. 

The many activities, which the Foundation has undertaken over the years, are part of this program. 

The Outlook on Applied Art in the Furniture Field aims at the promotion of design through research and study, the organization of workshops, training courses, assessment centers and the census of the existing patrimony.

Another important event is The International Competition of Applied Art in the Furniture Field, called “Significant Furniture”, an event sponsored by institutions of all levels in which the ideas, research and studies effected by the designated community come together. 

On occasion of the Competition, the Foundation organizes the International Study Days. During this thematic conference, specialist and experts meet each other to discuss about the theme of the competition.

The Foundation furthermore curates the permanent exhibition of the MAAM (Museum for Applied Art in the Furniture Field)

The MAAM collects experimental works and unique pieces of design applied to art furniture. The pieces are exhibited together with their design projects, some of which bear the signature of important designers who have made the history of art furniture: Castellini, Cordero, De Lucchi, De Muro, Garofano, La Pietra, Mollino, Pozzallo, Raggi, Riva, Ulrich, Venosta and many others.

Since June 2009, the MAAM is a permanent member of the “Museum Network" which is headed by the Triennale Design Museum Foundation in Milan


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