ART FS3510177

ANNO 2007

Bookcases, wall units and wood panels, the Maschera modular system offers it all. An ideal solution for a great variety of furnishing necessities. The Maschera designed by Sophia Los for Morelato, is characterized by its great versatility, in finish colors, types of wood and modularity, making it suitable for any space. According to the finish chosen, the Maschera becomes the background for your furnishing or its protagonist. Inspired by the tradition of figurative themes with a plywood structure, the Maschera is designed for the needs of contemporary life.


Architect, involves psychology and literature, integrating the principles of perception and emotional responses to custom design of space with attention for the quality of life.
In this context the professional and educational activities constitute her research and experimentation field.
Her activities mainly regard interior design and landscape architecture in both contemporary and historical contexts.
Since 2006 she has worked for Morelato steadily.

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MASCHERA WALL UNIT specifiche tecniche
MASCHERA WALL UNIT specifiche tecniche
MASCHERA WALL UNIT specifiche tecniche

Maschera wall unit composed of three elements, frame and doors made of cherry wood. Three wooden doors and 5 glass doors. Internal shelves are adjustable.


L 307.00 W 39.00 H 267.00
WEIGHT : 0.00 kg 
CBM: 0.00 PACKAGES : 0



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