ART FS3411047

YEAR 2009

The skillful piece designed by Giuseppe Viganò plays with hardwood in a modular system with clean lines and subtle profiles, designed to enrich contemporary settings. Shark is a bookcase suitable for all home spaces. The frames and shelves make it possible to create endless combinations. The layout of the bookcase can be changed any time you please, with a simple movement of shelves that compose it.


Works as an industrial furniture designer and as art director for some companies in the furniture sector. As a designer he has a creative spirit and a keen sense of beauty, which he discovers anew and rationalizes it with every new project. Over the years he has worked for important companies in the furniture sector. He designs stands for fair events but also for furniture shops or temporary exhibitions for special events, and he makes the selection of the
products and develops the settings.

His creations

Technical specifications

SHARK LIBRARY specifiche tecniche
SHARK LIBRARY specifiche tecniche
SHARK LIBRARY specifiche tecniche

The Shark library is composed of solid wooden frame elements and shelves. The frame elements are fixed to the wall and have grooves to support the shelves. The shelves can be easily moved changing the wall composition according to your necessities.


L 306 W 25 H 216
WEIGHT: 115 kg 




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