ART 3878

ANNO 2002

Disegned by Ugo La Pietra, Aurelia is an armchair with a peculiar wooden frame. The elegantly veneered armrests form one whole with the rest of the chair made of a square section. Aurelia has soft padded upholstery and is available in many different materials and colors.

He was born in 1938 and studied at the Polytechnic in Milan where he graduated in Architecture.
Since 1960 he has been doing research in visual arts and music.
Artist, architect and designer but above all researcher in the vast area of communication systems.
He communicates his researches through exhibitions; he has been the Director of many magazines, he has worked as a teacher in Universities and Art Schools.
He has designed products and collections for many firms in Italy and abroad. He is the art director of the Aldo Morelato Foundation.

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AURELIA ARMCHAIR Specifiche Tecniche
AURELIA ARMCHAIR Specifiche Tecniche
AURELIA ARMCHAIR Specifiche Tecniche

Armchair made of cherry wood with fine veneered armrests. Upholstered seat and back.


L 70 W 80 H 80
WEIGHT: 40 kg 



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