ART 5794/A

ANNO 2008

The Aero, designed by Franco Poli for Morelato, is a table consisting of two plywood panels, one of which is curved, joined together. This technique is used both for the top as well as for the feet of the table. In this way, the stability of the table is ensured even if the thickness is considerably reduced.


After being for years among the top designers of the world, Franco Poli still is one of the most important contemporary Italian designers.
Many of his design pieces are part of the Morelato catalogue.
Poli supports the cultural peculiarities of the “made in Italy” design and since 1998 he has been living and working in Verona.

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Specifiche tecniche

AERO TABLE Specifiche Tecniche
AERO TABLE Specifiche Tecniche
AERO TABLE Specifiche Tecniche

Table with internal wooden skeleton and fine curved maple wood veneer. The construction is inspired by airplane wing structure.


L 216.00 W 100.00 H 76.00
WEIGHT : 84.00 kg 
CBM: 1.70 PACKAGES : 1



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