Joyce rectangular table

ART 5701/F

YEAR 2018

The Joyce collection comes from a combination of past and present, innovation and tradition, trying to shape objects designed to last over time. All the pieces of the collection pursue the values of craftsmanship and manual skills typical of the Italian cabinetmaker tradition, enhancing the beauty of shaped solid wood, the shapes and its natural characteristics. Elegant, sophisticated but simultaneously passe-partout and versatile, the furnishings of the Joyce collection adapt to different types of environments, from the most classic to the most modern, resisting over time.


Libero Rutilo was born in Montreal. As a boy, he lived in Rome, Naples and Canada. In 2005, he moved to Milan to work with Alessandro Mendini, later he started a cooperation with several design studios. Ekaterina Shchetina was born in Krasnodar, southern Russia. Already as a young girl, she revealed a strong artistic talent, which leads her to the Belle Arti. Subsequently she moved to Milan, where she completed her studies and began working in the field of interior design. In 2012, Libero & Ekaterina founded the Designlibero study for product and interior design. Their works stand out for their originality and creativity receiving awards and honorable mentions in international design competitions and they are published in many magazines.

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Technical specifications

Joyce rectangular table
Joyce rectangular table

Ash wood table with glass top and brass details


L 200 W 109 H 75
Weight: 100 kg - m3: 2
Pieces: 2




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